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Friday, November 11, 2005

Hindi Proverbs

proverb: haaton ki lakiron par vishwas nahi karna chahiye kyunki takdir to unki bhi hoti hai jinke haath nahi hote hai
meaning: its better to do ur work than being superstitious and waiting for the right time
your future does not depend on the lines of ur hands coz ppl who do not have hands also have a future

proverb: Jab Laxmi tilak karti ho, tab muh dhone nahi jana chahiye.
meaning: Explaination in for non hindi speaking: When Laxmi(goddess of furtune) is doing tilak (you might have seen hindus having red color on their forehead when they are coming from temple. That's called tilak. And it is considered blessing from God.) don't go for to wash your face.
Meaning: When opportunity is at your door step, just grab it orelse you are going to loose the opportunity.

1)Ghar ki Murqi daal brabar.
2)Aik teer say doo shekaar.
3)Shak ka elaaj tu Hakeem Luqman kay pass bhi nien tha.
1)Home grown Chiken is just like a Pulse or its mean if you gonna bake your home grown chicken at your dinner-- doesn't taste good or things that are easy to get doesn't worth!!!
2)Make two hunt by one bullet or Get two thing in one step
3)Doubt has no cure!!! or famous ancient doctor Luqman wasn't able to cure stupid thought.

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