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Friday, November 11, 2005

Sesotho Proverbs

proverb: Ho tsamaea ke ho bona
meaning: Literal: to travel is to see. It means the more one travels the more they become open-minded and learned.
name: Rethabile Masilo

proverb: Thupa e kojoa esale metsi
meaning: A stick is bent while it's soft (otherwise it breaks): children are disciplined while they're still young.
name: Rethabile Masilo

proverb: Mphe-mphe e ea lapisa
meaning: Begging and asking will only leave you hungry (ie you must
work in order to eat)
language: sesotho
name: Rethabile Masilo

proverb: Ntja-peli ha e hloloe ke sebata
meaning: Power is in number
name: Bofelo

proverb: Nonyana e haela ka ts'iba tsa e 'ngoe
meaning: One always needs assistance to start his own thing
name: Bofelo

proverb: Ha ho tsuonyana phatela 'ngoe, 'ngoe le 'ngoe e ea iphatela
meaning: In life each is for himself only,(especially when it comes to finding things for oneself)
name: Bofelo

proverb: lesholu ke le ts'oeroeng
meaning: The guitly is the one who is caught
name: Bofelo

proverb: motsoalle oa lesholu ke lesholu
meaning: One can be guilty of association
language: sesotho

proverb: ngoana lekhala o tsamaea ka lekeke joaloka 'mae
meaning: children will most of the time show the character of their family
name: Bofelo

proverb: Mamello e tsoala katleho
meaning: Patience begets success
name: Rethabile Masilo

proverb: Ea bohlale o ithuta kamehla.
meaning: The wise person learns something everyday.
name: Rethabile Masilo

proverb: Lepotla-potla le ja poli, lesisitheho le ja khomo.
meaning: If you're slow you get to eat a goat, if you're quick you get to eat a cow.
name: Rethabile Masilo

proverb: lekanyane ho phela le liretse
meaning: Only those who are not scared to get all muddy and sweaty makes it
name: Bofelo Kotsane

proverb: Ngoana phakoe se ipolele, motho o motle h'a boleloa ke batho.
meaning: Do not brag about your success, it is usually better when other people praise you.
name: Rethabile Masilo

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